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Will You Join U.S.?

Political tug-of-war and a winner-takes-all mentality has torn our country to shreds. It's time for a different approach.

Introducing the U.S. Party.

The U.S. Party is a constitutional party at the Federal level, and a more populist one at the State and municipal levels.

The interests of the Party emanate from the political center, and party members must govern according to the needs and scope of a given office. And party members understand that the many States and municipalities have different interests--one size does not fit all.

The U.S. Party is pro-capitalism, but is against the externalization of costs that become a burden to society.

The U.S. Party supports tariffs on imports to reflect the costs we incur securing the global commons which allows companies to produce cheap goods abroad because of access to cheap labor and freedom of the seas made possible by our military.

The U.S. Party is intent on addressing the impacts of climate change without getting distracted by the endless debates into the associated causes. The U.S. Party understands the notion of global warming being caused by the burning of hydrocarbons is a self-limiting problem owing to the reality of peak oil. The U.S. Party supports fracking...but only if companies are fully liable for any contamination of ground water.

The U.S. Party is intent on decriminalizing victimless crimes.

The U.S. Party supports school choice by assuring mobility between public schools, and only supports charter schools that are as accountable to the people as public schools.

The U.S. Party values the importance of vocational training, understanding that the Trades are vital to the functioning of society, and would not support free or subsidized post-secondary education at the Federal level.

The U.S. Party values the sovereignty of the individual, to include the right of individuals to enter into contracts and do business together with a minimum of government interference.

The U.S. Party is pro-choice (except for late-term or partial birth abortions) understanding that personal influence, not legislated morality, is the way to reduce the incidence of abortion.

The U.S. Party supports civil unions (to include marriage for all) that strengthen the responsibility and accountability that individuals have to one another.

The U.S. Party advocates for balanced budgets and deficit reduction, mindful of the responsibility we have to future generations to not burden them with debt.

The U.S. Party does not advantage special interests over individuals, understanding that government derives its power from the People, and is therefore accountable to the People.

The U.S. Party is for protecting the environment, and seeks to treat pollen from genetically-modified crops as a contaminant, and believes the burden should be on GMO producers to contain such pollen rather than allow GMO producers to go after the victims of GMO contamination as patent infringers.

The U.S. Party's "moon shot" is identifying the causes of 1) colony collapse disorder in bees and 2) autism. If we lose our bees, we severely degrade our ability to produce food. And for autism, we're now at 1 in 60 children being diagnosed on the autism spectrum--and we don't know why. We need to learn the causes for both of these without special interests and corporations shutting down good science.

The U.S. Party is for repeal of the 17th Amendment; the States should be responsible for naming members of the Senate in order to restore the influence of the States at the Federal level.

Finally, the U.S. Party absolutely defends the Bill of Rights, specifically supporting expanded use of the Sheriff's posse as the implementation of a "well-regulated militia" because sovereign citizens constitute the last line of defense for our country.

Will you join U.S.?

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